MPF Statement on COVID-19 and the 2020-2021 Year

The uncertainty of our future continues to be a constant presence for all of us. As a youth serving AmeriCorps program, our process it to follow the state guidance. Based on this guidance, we plan to adapt to the needs and adjustments of our schools and host sites, while supporting and promoting our Fellow's individual safety needs and service experience.

At present, we are planning for the following options this fall and will reassess as we make our way through the year and monitor COVID-19's spread in Massachusetts.

  • MPF Training & Orientation
    • Within the next two weeks (by July 22nd) MPF will decide the format for upcoming trainings and Orientation. We are considering the following options
      • Fully virtual meetings
      • Small meeting groups
      • Large outdoor community builders

Our goal is to have trainings in person, only if we can ensure a safe environment for all.

  • Host Site Onboarding
    • Each host site has a unique plan for how it will onboard new Fellows and whether it will be virtual, a hybrid model, or in person.
    • Fellow applicants should ask the host organization their plan for fall during their interview