MPF Stands Up, Black Lives Matter

To the MPF Community,

Today marks one week of mourning the loss of George Floyd, one of a string of tragedies that amplifies our collective failings as a nation on behalf of black and brown communities. We must face the history of systemic oppression that has disenfranchised these communities and outwardly denounce acts of violence that perpetuate this continued injustice. Black lives matter.

As we grieve and follow the lead of the black lives matter movement, the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship is committed to recognizing, understanding and dismantling structural inequities that continue to plague our institution, education system, healthcare system or any other facet of our shared human experience. We stand in solidarity with our black Fellows, alumni, and staff that are grieving and affected by the systems of white supremacy that allow these injustices to repeat without due process.

To white folks in our community, we must put our inherent privilege to work. With our complacency, our silence, we are complicit in perpetuating these cycles of violence. As called upon by a friend and colleague, I encourage white folks to not only tell, but to show how they intend to support our black communities.

Below are a few resources to show support, engage in education work, and peacefully demonstrate. If you would like to connect more, I welcome hearing from you.

Organizations to Support:


Local Discussions & Protests: