Promise Fellow Week Career Day: Meet Cecelia Auditore

Mpf Staff

Cecelia Auditore, MPF Alum, Evaluation & Member Manager at MPF

My service as a Promise Fellow heavily influenced my career choices because it exposed me to various roles in education, particularly the opportunities that exist in the after-school environment. Conducting research at Mass Mentoring Partnership and supporting youth at Silver Linings Mentoring showed me the importance of mentoring and the wrap around support services youth are entitled to on their educational journey. Even further, my service experiences gave me the language and tools to name the institutional oppression I witnessed as a young person and provided the peer network and voice to challenge those systems as a youth worker. As someone who carries a deep passion for many fields (History, politics, global development especially), one common thread that has always driven me is to inspire youth to be active participants in their own learning to spark their passions.
                                                                                                                                                        As a Fellow, I learned research skills and curriculum design, which have definitely served me well in my current role and future career prospects. I also learned a great deal of how it takes to be authentic relationships with youth and my peers.

I’m currently the Evaluation Manager for MPF and have the privilege of supporting our Fellows through their year of service. Though I always knew I wanted to support young people, MPF helped me realize the large scale impact I could have by supporting youth workers and building the evaluation capacity of our partners. While I am still navigating my career path, my service experience and current role in supporting Promise Fellows continues to help guide how I want to be involved in the fight for educational equity.