"Over the years, we have hosted numerous AmeriCorps Promise Fellows since the inception of the program. The Fellowship has offered Mass Mentoring the opportunity to infuse talent, test innovative ideas, and ultimately expand our capacity to drive expanded quality mentoring opportunities for kids. Without the cost efficiency and support in service description development, recruitment, and management of our Fellows, we would never have been able to build our organization and its capabilities as quickly and effectively. It is a top notch program and a model for the field." —David Shapiro (CEO, Mass Mentoring Partnership)

"The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship has been a tremendous resource for America SCORES New England and has been instrumental in allowing us to expand our program to more schools while serving more children. The program was instrumental in our decision to merge with CityKicks knowing that the increased capacity of two Fellows would make this collaboration viable. The training and orientation they receive allow them to hit the ground running and function fully as staff members. We have hired four previous Promise Fellows as full-time staff members and see viable candidates in our current crop.” —Dennis Wright (Executive Director, America SCORES New England)

“The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship is a terrific program that has had an extremely positive impact on BE SAFE. Our Fellows have brought enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise to their work with youth and have also experienced wonderful training throughout the year that has continued to build their skills. It’s a win-win, as our program benefits greatly from hosting a Fellow, connecting with other organizations and working with the dynamic Fellowship staff, and the Fellow gets a top notch life experience.” —Andi Genser (Manager, BE SAFE, AIDS Action Committee)