Current Fellows

Below is a list of our current Fellows for the 2020-2021 program year!

Roxana "Roxie" Sierra

Roxana moved to the Greater Boston area from Los Angeles, California. She is excited to serve another year with the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship and at Enroot! She received her bachelor's degree in international relations with a minor in sociology. She is passionate about social justice, especially racial equity, educational equity, and abolitionism. She cares way too much about too many things, so she likes to find some joy in watching anime, drawing, and exercising or running. Living on the East Coast has been fantastic, and she is ready for another year of cold and snow!

Emily Zheng

Emily is from Quincy, MA. She went to UMass Amherst for her undergrad and Northeastern CPS for her graduate certificate. Some of her favorite things include coffee, baking, animals, and anything doing anything outdoors. This year she is looking forward to continuing working with the young people at her site to revitalize their community and work alongside a new cohort of fellows.

Ellie Rubinstein

Ellie is from Concord, Massachusetts. She graduated from Colorado College where she studied Political Science and Environmental Studies. Ellie is passionate about environmental justice and loves talking all things current affairs. She is excited to be serving this year with SquashBusters, Boston where she can support talented young people in their academic, social, and athletic growth. Outside of work, she loves being in the outdoors and hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. She is also a loyal Celtics fan and is happy to convert any MPF fellows who are new to the area.

Amanda Wahlstedt

Amanda Wahlstedt is originally from Barbourville, Kentucky. While attending Knox Central High School and researching postsecondary transitions with the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team, a private college counselor took her on pro-bono and helped her apply to a Questbridge Scholarship. She was matched with Wellesley College and graduated with a degree in Education Studies. She enjoys reading, painting, printmaking, video gaming, and marketing. She’s looking forward to listening to what students are going through in their college transitions, sharing the information on college she’s been given, and learning together. 

Ansley Perryman

Ansley lived south of San Francisco until she moved to eastern Kentucky in 2014. In high school, some of Ansley’s favorite memories were studying abroad for a semester in Chile, coaching underclassmen on the Rowan County Speech and Debate Team, creating a podcast about the harmful effects of Appalachian stereotypes. She attended the 2019 Yale Young Global Scholars program, where she had the opportunity to make both incredible artists and friends. In her free time, Ansley loves to watch and analyze movies with her friends, bake excellent chocolate chip cookies, and sing along to the Hadestown soundtrack. The thing Ansley is most looking forward to after Covid-19 restrictions are over is getting together with her closest friends to go on a civil rights road trip that ends in New Orleans, LA.

Jaimy Jean-Noel

Jaimy Jean-Noel received her undergraduate degree from Framingham State University in sociology in 2017. She has lived in Massachusetts for about ten years now but is originally from Brooklyn, New York - Canarsie, to be exact. She is a first-generation college student; Her parents are initially from Haiti, making her a Haitian American. She loves to read, write, play video games, and do anything that involves being outdoors. She looks forward to meeting all of her peers within the MPF program. She is excited to be a part of a new community and can't wait for the experience.

Aubrey Kaveski

Aubrey Kaveski is from Glenside, Pennsylvania. She went to undergrad at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts, where she majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology. During college, she was heavily involved in community service, which made her so excited to continue her service outside of college. Some of her favorite things are photography and exploring new things. She is looking forward to this year of service because she thinks it will create new opportunities for everyone involved! 

Joselina “Josey” Fontes

Joselina was born and raised in Boston, MA, and identifies as a bilingual, first-generation Cape Verdean American student. She graduated from Framingham State University with her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and minor in Criminology. She loves to read, write poetry, and inspire others to trust themselves and believe they can achieve anything. In this year of service, she looks forward to meeting new people, building a stronger community, and learning new strategies to make her a better coach and mentor!

Emilia Ball

Emilia is from Albany, New York. She attended Wellesley College, where she earned a B.A. in Media Arts and Sciences with a Computer Science concentration and spent four years on the varsity crew team. Emilia was lucky to have multiple opportunities to work with youth in summer camp and other out-of-classroom settings outside of school. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, make art, and spend time outside any way she can. During her service, Emilia looks forward to learning from and connecting with her youth cohort, staff, and MPF community.

​Lousie “Virginia” Martinez

Lousie  “Virginia” Martinez is a Salem, Mass native, and moved to Peabody about a year ago. She is a recent graduate from Salem State University, where She received two bachelor's of science in Psychology and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Criminal Investigation. Her favorite things are painting, traveling, listening to 80s music with her dad, and binge-watching shows/series on Netflix. She is looking forward to meeting new people in her year of service, forming long-lasting relationships, and impacting the community.

Makaila "Mak" Cerrone

Makaila Cerrone is from Connecticut but fell in love with Boston after moving there for college in 2015! She majored in psychology and political science at Northeastern. She did a lot of work with the Latinx student center, Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, and Northeastern's Alliance of Civically Engaged Students. She loves exploring the Boston community through service, eating out, and taking walks. She knows the best spots in Boston for a tattoo, brunch, and spotting dogs (South End gardens). Her eight-year-old sister is a youtube star and her best friend! Like and subscribe to her videos.

Vanna Tran

Vanna is from Worcester, MA. She is an Upward Bound and Posse Foundation alumna. She is grateful to come from a family of Vietnamese immigrants and be the first woman in her family to graduate from college. She graduated from Denison University with a degree in Communication and minor in Anthropology/Sociology. She loves to travel, and it all started when she spent a semester abroad in the Dominican Republic. If she’s not going, she’s most likely spending time outside in nature, listening to music, journaling, meditating, watching crime shows, and reading books. She is very excited to be joining MPF! and can't wait to continue mentoring young dreamers, build meaningful relationships, and learn as much as she can throughout the year. 

Jandé Thomas

Jandé Thomas is from Columbus, Ohio, but she went to college in North Carolina at Duke University and studied Psychology and Global Health. She loves almost all genres of music, sports, as well as watching TV and movies. She is looking forward to my year of service in MPF, being able to build meaningful relationships, supporting high schoolers who aspire to go to college, and helping them make that dream become a reality!

Siva Narasimhadevara

Siva grew up in Lowell, MA, and graduated from Umass Lowell, where they studied Biology. Their roots originate from South India, which will always be a second home. During their  time in school, they found that they enjoy teaching and learning about the great qualities of everyone she meets. This motivated him to do a year of service with City Year, where they served as a success coach and mentor for high school students at Brighton High. Their positive experiences and the connections they made with their students motivated them to commit to another year of service. As they move along their journey, they aspire to continue healing through their actions and bringing out the best in the people around them. 

Leah Rosenzweig

Leah grew up outside New York City and recently graduated from Pomona College in Southern California. Leah is "laid back" but has all the directness and sarcasm of a prominent New Yorker. She has always wanted to be a teacher and is excited to figure out where she fits in the connected realms of education and social work. She is thrilled to spend this year with Improbable Players practicing mentorship, being involved with the arts (as a dancer, so exciting!), and learning about the nonprofit world. She looks forward to exploring all the political and social activism, intersectional queer spaces, and nearby nature that Boston has to offer. Leah is also profoundly excited and grateful to be part of a cohort dedicated to equitably and sustainably supporting young people and cannot wait to be in community with them.

Jonah Berthelsen

Jonah grew up in Southern Minnesota and later attended St. Olaf College, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science (and technically a concentration in Film Studies, though he couldn't tell you why or how). He loves to sing, play ultimate frisbee, and mindlessly browse Wikipedia pages. Following his year with MPF, he intends to pursue a new degree with which he hopes to continue to find ways of serving his community. Jonah looks forward to connecting with the young people at St. Stephen's in Boston's South End neighborhood and supporting them in their preparation for and transition into a post-secondary educational setting. He is grateful for this opportunity to learn from and alongside his AmeriCorps peers with whom he hopes to form long-lasting bonds.

​Madeline Tolsdorf

Madeline Tolsdorf is from Kansas City, Kansas but has always enjoyed visiting her family on the East Coast and wanted to move there after graduation. She is finishing school at the University of Richmond and has a combined degree in Politics, Philosophy, Economics, and Law. She loves staying active and exploring new places, so is excited to be in Boston this upcoming year. One of the things she enjoys the most is meeting new people and is looking forward to meeting amazing people throughout her year of service.

Wrutoe Bonwin

Wrutoe Bonwin graduated from Dickinson College this past May. While on the track and field team, she majored in political science with a minor in creative writing. Some of her favorite hobbies are working out, cooking, and exploring new places through travel. She is looking forward to her personal growth throughout this upcoming experience by being involved in her service year program (The LEAH Project at HRIA) with such beautiful individuals. 

Nicole Banks

Nicole Banks proudly identifies herself as a queer, Irish, Black woman who embodies the personalities of Phoebe Buffet and Leslie Knope. She is originally from Philly, however half-way through high school, she moved to Maryland. She holds a  Bachelor's Degree in Deaf Studies from Towson University, which happens to be close to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Her favorite college experience was taking the bus from Towson to the aquarium to serve as an Exhibit Guide. Her pastimes include hula hooping, bubbles, cooking, and Parks and Rec. Her passions are destigmatizing mental health, anti-racism work, and meals that include potatoes. She is most looking forward to organic relationships taking root throughout this experience. When looking to start a conversation with her, ask: “Should hot dogs count as a sandwich?”

David Ho

David Ho is born and bred in Boston, MA. He graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science with a bachelor’s in Biology and eventually transitioned to developing a tech career as a developer. As a Fellow, he looks forward to promoting workshops and programs that aid high school students with their college applications. His hobbies include: playing video games, volleyball, and playing the piano. 

Rosa Del Carmen Gomez

Rosa Del Carmen Gomez was born on an island off the coast of Chile named Castro and moved to the U.S when she was four years old. She graduated from Lasell University with a B.A in Journalism and Media Writing with a minor in Spanish Language Studies. Some of her favorite activities include: spending time with family and friends, writing, meditating, going for runs/walks, and dog sitting with her brother’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi named “Phoebe.”  As a Fellow, she is very excited and looks forward to empowering and impacting the lives of the youth to be open to seeing the power of their potential and voice and hopes they do the same for her. She is excited to learn more about herself through the impact she receives from the youth and the relationships she can form.  

James Befingfield

James was born in northern Virginia, but also lived in Germany, Alabama, and eventually Massachusetts. He recently graduated from UMass Amherst after studying economics and philosophy.  In his free time, he loves learning about language & culture, listening to stand-up comedy, meditation, working out, and reading a good book.  James is most excited about the meaningful relationships that he will build through MPF, both with the students at Framingham High School and the other Fellows!

Regina Carey

Regina is a recent graduate from Mount Holyoke College, where she studied sociology and education. Throughout her time in college, she was a teacher, tutor, and camp counselor. She enjoys being outside, good conversation, and strong cups of coffee. She will be serving with Enroot this year and is excited to continue working with young people and learning more about the nonprofit sector. 

Ben Williams

Ben Williams was born in Boston and raised in the South Shore of Massachusetts. He went to school at UMass Boston and participated in City Year New York last year. It awakened his love for education. It was an incredible learning experience and made him realize that getting yelled at by prepubescent teenagers is a lot of fun. While finishing his undergrad degree this year, he realized how much he had missed the students he worked with last year. He looks forward to meeting you all and creating new and positive relationships with the students and faculty that he will be working in the coming months.

Lauryn Hart

Lauryn Hart, is from East Taunton, MA. She grew up in South Eastern Massachusetts and attended Appalachian State University in Boone, NC where she studied geography and sustainable development. Lauryn has spent over 5 years working in youth and community development, loving every second. She is looking forward to spending her year of service learning from the community and people that she will have the wonderful opportunity of interacting with.

Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore is originally from Portland, Oregon, but she has spent the past four years living almost full-time in Boston while attending Emerson College. She majored in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, and minored in Political Science and History. She plans to pursue a career in Public Service and Human Rights Law, combining her love for advocacy and policy passions. She loves to read, work out, bake, explore nature, and do theater. As a Fellow, she looks forward to making meaningful connections and serving as a mentor at the Margarita Muñiz Academy, a college-prep and arts-focused bilingual high school by working closely with students and inspiring them to do the best that they can.

Bryan Gomez

Bryan Gomez grew up in the city of Lawrence, residing in Massachusetts for gis teen/adult life. He attended Lawrence High School before taking on his undergraduate degree at UMass Lowell. The community itself has molded him into a better individual. It has allowed him to change through the work he does with various internships and community non-profits. Each experience is just as memorable as the last; over time, he learned it is not what you do; it is how you do it. He thinks that having a positive demeanor can go a long way because it motivates not only himself but for others. He hopes to continue working on practical skills while also learning and helping instruct students, supporting them in academics and college counseling.

Tess Stogner

Tess Stogner has an extensive background in outdoor and experiential education and believes that learning is most impactful when people have a direct and personal connection to what is taught. Originally from the South, she graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2019. She pursued her passion for storytelling and understanding different cultures by studying French and Global Studies and minoring in Creative Writing. Tess spent three summers journeying across states and continents on backpacking trips with adolescent students at Overland Summers. Witnessing their incredible determination and leadership inspired her to pursue work that empowers young people to realize their potential. She is thrilled to continue this work as the LC Success Coordinator at YES. This year, she hopes to strengthen her approach to community-led public service by learning from her peers at MPF. In her spare time, you can find her exploring Boston streets by bike and searching for the perfect pastry.

Angelica "Ang" Medina

Angelica Medina is twenty-three-years old and is from Elgin, Illinois. Angelica recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s in Social Work. Much of Angelica’s experience thus far has been centered around crisis work with youth and families. Angelica enjoys spending her free time outdoors, listening to podcasts, and spending time with friends and family. Angelica will be working alongside the Children Services of Roxbury, where she will be serving on their Youth and Police Partnership team. Many aspects excite Angelica about the journey ahead, but above all, she is looking forward to building new relationships and embodying the mission statement of MPF in the community.

Spike Sommers

Spike Sommers was born in San Diego, California. His dad, a sea captain, named him after a boat. In tenth grade, Spike and his family moved to Providence, Rhode Island. After high school, he attended Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. There, he majored in History and minored in Music. Last school year, Spike taught English in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar. The students and staff he met while volunteering in Rhode Island and Minnesota, teaching in Germany, and assisting at Charlestown High School during City Year, inspired him to continue working with young people. He’s excited to continue building community at St. Stephen’s and with this year's MPF cohort. Outside the classroom, he enjoys making and listening to music as much as possible.

Ayla Wallace

Enroot, Somerville Explore Fellow

Ayla Wallace is originally from York, PA, but she attended Miss Hall's School in Pittsfield, MA. She loves music, to run, and to write! She currently runs her blog! She is most looking forward to seeing herself and her young people grow during meaningful work and conversations during this time.

Cassidy Alford

Enroot, Somerville Leadership Fellow

Cassidy is originally from Portland, Oregon, but spent the last few years in St. Louis, Missouri. After graduating from Principia College with a B.A. in Political Science, Cassidy worked as a college admissions counselor for her alma mater. For the last two years, Cassidy taught middle school Social Studies and loved getting to nerd out about some of her passions-- including history, politics, and social justice-- with her students. Cassidy loves the outdoors, especially skiing and hiking, and loves to read, listen to podcasts, and travel. Cassidy is so excited to be joining the team at Enroot and is especially excited to build meaningful relationships with the MPF cohort and with the youth at Enroot!

Roxanna Higginson

Girls Inc. of Lynn

Roxanna was born on the island of Samoa. She takes pride in where she comes from, especially since she grew up in Cambridge for most of her life. She went to Lesley University studying Holistic Psychology to understand various alternatives to healing, and she plans to use that knowledge for herself but the youth populations as well. Outside of school, she is a dancer on two dance crews where they train in multiple styles such as hip hop, house, dancehall, and more. She also loves to dance in Polynesian styles, her Samoan culture's dance, Tahitian, the Hula, etc. She is quite the busy bee, but she is excited to commit her time to provide support and guidance to Girls' Leap, where she will have the opportunity to work with young girls aged 8-18. (Photo Credit: Renata Watson)

Shallom Adewale

Girls Inc. of Lynn

Shallom is originally from Nigeria. She has been in the States for over ten years now and still feels she is adjusting to the culture here. She received her B.A. in Psychology at Western New England University and her M.S. in Athletic Counseling at Springfield College. One of her favorite things to do is to spend time with God! She also loves working out and everything about fitness. She loves music and dancing, especially to Afrobeats. She loves meeting new people and enjoys having mind-stimulating conversations. Lastly, she recently started a small business where she helps individuals in becoming self-empowered and practice self-love. She is looking forward to the year ahead and getting to know you all!

Ivy Khevali

Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School (GCVS)

Ivy Khevali grew up in Texas and was born in Kenya. She studied chemistry at Del Mar College for two years and is currently pursuing her bachelor's in biological science at Northeastern University courtesy of MPF. During her first year as a Fellow, she served at Freedom House as a PUSH High School Success Coach at the Burke High School, where she supported students on their pathway to college and their post-secondary plans. She's grateful to be returning for a second year at Freedom House! She's excited to continue building relationships, sharing her experiences, and being challenged by the youth she'll serve and other Fellows. During her second year of service, she hopes to build upon the skills she gained from her host site and MPF. Ivy's favorite things to do in her downtime are discovering new recipes, being in nature while exploring contemporary museums and historic areas of Boston (and New England).