Leadership Development

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MPF is committed to the personal and professional development of our Fellows. We offer consistent training focused supporting our Fellows in being successful youth workers, community leaders, and professionals.

Monthly Meetings

Fellows are convened monthly for training, teambuilding, and networking. The purpose of MPF’s monthly meetings is to provide a community of support and to prepare Fellows in delivering MPF’s Five Promises to youth during their year of service.  Teambuilding activities, such as ropes courses, team challenges, and peer advising, allow for Fellows to build rich relationships with each other leading to productive professional networking. The training curriculum is designed each year to meet the needs and interests of the current class of Fellows. Trainers include Fellowship staff, Fellowship Alumni, Northeastern University staff, community partners, and external consultants.

Yearly training topics include:

  • “What’s Race Got to Do with it?” with the Shines Institute
  • “Bridging the Class Divide” with Class Action
  • Creating Safe Spaces for LGBTQ Youth
  • Disability Inclusion & Awareness with EPIC Leaders
  • “Creating Healthy Environments for Young People” with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
Skills-based Trainings

Additional skill-building opportunities are offered each month by way of optional trainings. These half-day trainings are designed based on requests from Fellows and focus specifically on hard skills. Training areas have included:

  • Computer Application 
  • Public Speaking
  • Grant Writing
  • Curriculum Development and Design
  • Program Evaluation
Non-profit Leadership Institute

Piloted in October, 2010, the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship’s Non-Profit Leadership Institute is a training program designed to provide Fellows and Alumni with the opportunity to explore different aspects of leadership, learn how these leadership techniques can be applied to the non-profit sector, and network with local non-profit leaders. Fellows and Alumni meet monthly for three hour sessions to engage in discussions on different aspects of leadership and are asked to reflect on how these approaches relate to their service or current work. Each leadership topic concludes with an opportunity to network with a non-profit leader who will join us to share their story and speak to the topic from that month. At the end of the program, Fellows and Alumni will have a broad knowledge of different leadership techniques and will possess the ability to apply these techniques in the non-profit world.

The program is geared towards Fellows and Alumni who are interested in a long-term career in the non-profit sector and actively participating in an intentional learning community.