Leadership Development

MPF is committed to the personal and professional development of our Fellows. We offer consistent training focused in three areas; developing youth worker competencies, building professional competencies, and growing as a culturally responsive educators. In addition, MPF launches a "Life After AmeriCorps" Series in March of each year to focus on our Fellows' next steps.

Our training model is deepened by our partnership with Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies. Through this relationship Fellows are able to take advantage of free courses through CPS in progression towards a Certificate, Bachelors or Masters Degree.

Monthly Meetings

Fellows convene monthly for training, team-building, and networking. The purpose of MPF’s monthly meetings are to provide a community of support and to prepare Fellows in delivering MPF’s Five Promises to youth during their year of service. The training curriculum is designed each year to meet the needs and interests of the current class of Fellows, while meeting the programmatic competency goals. Trainers include Fellowship staff, Fellowship Alumni, Northeastern University staff, community partners, and external consultants.

Youth Worker Competency Training Examples

  • Youth Development 101, with Health Resources in Action and The BEST Initiative
  • Youth Mental Health 101 with Samaritans
  • Intro to College Advising with the College Advising Corps
  • Effective Tutoring & Mentoring
  • Curriculum Development & Design

Professional Development Competency Training Examples:

  • Professional Communication/Managing Up
  • Promoting Self-Care
  • Teamwork & Community Building
  • Project Management

Culturally Responsive Educator Training Examples

  • Unpacking Race & Class
  • Supporting Youth with Disabilities
  • Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth
  • Understanding and Addressing Microaggressions

Life After AmeriCorps Series

  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letters
  • Interviewing 101
  • Career Roundtable Discussions
Northeastern College of Professional Studies Partnership

Each Fellow has access to a minimum of nine free credits through our relationship with The College Of Professional Studies. Many of our Fellows go on to complete their Master's Degree or Bachelor's Degree with the support of CPS. The class benefit is a wonderful benefit of our program, but Fellow's are advised that the service commitment comes first!