How to Apply
*Complete the application form, available HERE.*
  • Read the open service positions (listed below). Each opening is linked to its service description.. Please read through and carefully consider your needs, interests, and goals when making a selection.
  • Complete the online application. It should take between 30-45 minutes. Be prepared to choose your site placements, provide contact information for your references, upload your resume, cover letter or audio and work experience in lieu of resume and cover letter.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with the following application deadlines signifying the start of an application review period: 4/2, 4/16, 4/30, 5/14, 5/28, 6/11

During the application process you will be asked to select your top five partner sites. We use this information to help us understand if there is more than one opportunity that your skills and experience may fit. . Only choose partner sites in which your interests and skills align. As service positions are filled, they will no longer appear on the website. If you experience any technical issues with completing the application, please email for support.

The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship provides reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities at every stage of the application process. Disclosing a disability or requesting a need for accommodations is a separate process from admissions and will have absolutely no bearing on a candidate’s application status. MPF will make every effort to meet your request, but specific requests are not guaranteed. All disclosed information will be kept confidential and only shared with prospective site placement if requested by the candidate. If you need to request an accommodation, please contact our Lauren Currie at

The Interview Process
First Interview:

If selected to move forward, you will be contacted to set up a first interview with an MPF Staff. Video interviews are an opportunity for the MPF Team to further determine whether your background and experiences are a fit for available positions. If you are selected for a first-round interview, instructions for signing up will be provided in your email.

Second Interview:

If you advance to the next interview, your materials will be shared with up to three partner sites. This will be an opportunity for you to learn about the organization’s culture, responsibilities, support structures, and to assess if the site would be a strong match.

The Matching & Enrollment Process
The Ranking Form

After the second interviews, you will rank your partner site preferences and the partner site will do the same. In addition, MPF staff review overall site alignment and rankings, rendering a decision within a few days. Please note, official offers only come from the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Leadership Team, not host site placements.

** Matches are not guaranteed. In the case we are unable to match a candidate and a site placement partner, we will review the candidates’ preferences and credentials and consider them for the next round.


Given the volume of applications the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship receives, we are unable to provide individual feedback about admissions decisions to applicants who are not accepted at any stage of the application process. However, we will notify each candidate of their status whether they are accepted or not.

  • Read our FAQ for more comprehensive information on our entire application process, including interview tips!
  • Contact Alysé Bigger at
  • Speak with one of our fantastic Senior Fellow Ambassadors!

We look forward to reading your application!

*Complete the application form, available HERE.*

Program Requirements & Admissions Process

AmeriCorps Massachusetts Promise Fellow (MPF) corps members work with students from under-resourced communities and that attend out-of-school time programs to seek academic engagement and college and career support. Given the nature of our work, the stakes are high, and this means we maintain a selective interview process where we learn about your unique experiences, achievements, and interest.

Our process ensures that we are choosing leaders who are likely to succeed in the out-of-school time space and persevere through the inevitable challenges. Our entire interview process can take between 4-6 weeks and includes:

  • An online application
  • Two virtual interviews
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Completing background checks

First, make sure you are eligible and ready to commit. A year of service is impactful but requires someone to be committed to service. To be eligible, you must:

  • Have a high school degree or GED
  • Be at least 17 year old by July 1, 2021
  • Be willing to comply with a criminal background check and fingerprint check
  • Be a US Citizen, National, or Permanent Resident
  • Able to serve full-time (40 hours per week) from August 16, 2021-June 30, 2022
This opportunity might be a good fit if you…
  • Have experience supporting youth
  • Have provided administrative support
  • Are an empathetic listener
  • Manage multiple projects effectively
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Think on your feet, learn new things quickly, and are a creative problem solver
  • Have experience being part of a team and know when to ask for help
  • Believe that young people deserve care, encouragement, and support to reach their full potential
  • Want to join a caring community of service-minded individuals invested in social justice and education equity

All Host Site Service Descriptions with specific requirements are included below! Take a look at our open sites and where you would like to apply!

Important COVID-19 related update: All MPF interviews will be conducted in a virtual format to ensure the healthy and safety of all participants. We are cautiously optimistic that programming will return to a full in-person or hybrid model in September 2021 but are unable to finalize plans at this time.

Round 1 Application Process (*Applications Accepted on a rolling basis until filled)


Apply HERE!

May 5th!!

Round 3 Application Deadline (*6 rounds total)

May 5

Invitation to a First Round Interview

May 10-12

Interivew with MPF Staff

May 17-21

Interview with potential partner sites

May 27

Receive an Offer!

2021-2022 Open Fellow Positions

We have selected our 2021-2022 host sites and all OPEN position descriptions are posted below. Please contact if you have any questions.

Apprentice Learning
Jamaica Plain

The Mass Promise Fellow will anchor our innovative, hands-on career exploration program for 8th grade students at the Boston Teachers Union School, one of Apprentice Learning’s five partner schools. Working alongside AL  staff, the Fellow will become a member of the Boston Teachers Union School community representing Apprentice Learning and build trusting mentoring relationships with eighth graders to build their career skills and knowledge and ignite purpose in their future dreams. Additionally, the Fellow will support other AL staff in partner schools  across the city. 

Asian Community Development Corporation

The  Massachusetts  Promise  Fellow  will be responsible for building out ACDC’s Chinatown youth leadership programs, A-VOYCE (Asian Voices of Organized  Youth  for  Community  Empowerment),  through  facilitating  weekly  workshops  and  acting  as  a  supportive  mentor  for  program  participants.  The  program  builds  up  youth  to  be  equity-centered  urban designers  -  shaping  Chinatown  for the community, by the community. The Fellow will play a crucial role of  guiding  the  youth  from  an  inward  exploration  of  personal  identity  into  an  outward  transformation  of community power, culminating in youth-led community projects by the end of the program.  

Barnstable Public Schools

To expand and enhance the Afterschool Homework Club, a Fellow would work in collaboration to provide students with supplemental academic enrichment activities. Students will be able to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math more in-depth through experiments and project based learning activities.

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Reporting to the Director of Youth  Programs  at  Boston  Chinatown  Neighborhood  Center (BCNC), the Massachusetts Promise Fellow serves as the Coordinator of the College Access Program (CAP). The primary responsibility is to manage programming for 15-20 youth in grades 10 to 12 at BCNC’s Quincy site. College access programming includes workshops about  applying  to  college,  financial  aid,  tours  of  local  colleges  (either  in-person  or  virtual),  and  holding  regular  1:1  advising  meetings  with  youth.  The  CAP Coordinator is responsible for program implementation, evaluation, outreach, recruitment, and student advising, among other  responsibilities.  

Boston Day and Evening Academy

The Fellow will work in conjunction with the Post-Graduate Planning Department to provide exploratory workshops and one-on-one College and Career counseling to students graduating within one year who are unsure of their path post-graduation. Our Fellow will demonstrate to students the immediate benefits of obtaining a high school diploma in terms of their career trajectories (and how college factors into that trajectory). The Fellow will develop strategies for supporting students graduating in School Year 21-22 as they transition to college or career.

Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest

The Mass Promise Fellow  will lead our Marlborough  Clubhouse Teen Center and focus on offering academic  enrichment programming through traditional and non-traditional  avenues. The Fellow will be  responsible for the following programming: leading small-group  leadership clubs, STEAM  programming, and partnering with local companies and academic establishments to plan field  trips that model potential successful career opportunities. The Fellow will also be responsible for  coming  up  with  a  plan  for  how  to  engage  more  high  school  aged  youth  in  our  teen  programming  and implementing  this  plan.  The  overarching  goal  of  this  service  role  is  to  offer enriching,  supportive activities  that are also fun to all teens. 

East Boston Social Centers
East Boston

The  Mass  Promise  Fellow  will  help to expand our Joyful  Eastie  Youth  Council  concept  from  a  summer  program  to  a  year-round  program.  The  Joyful  Eastie  Youth Council  work  draws  on  evidence  of  what  matters  most  for  joy,  with  a  particular  focus  on  relationships,  purpose,  mindfulness  and  fitness  (please  see  the  Joyful  Eastie  Youth  Council  designed  webpage:  These  practices  and  the  structure  of  the  Council itself, together with the opportunity to  earn money also will help youth reduce stress, increase positive coping skills, reduce social isolation, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, increase leadership skills, provide direct mental health support, and increase positive youth engagement with adults, organizations, and peers.   

Enroot, Cambridge Leadership Fellow

Enroot is a community-based nonprofit with a mission to empower immigrant  youth  to  achieve  academic,  career,  and  personal  success  through  inspiring  out-of-school  experiences. Enroot  seeks  a  Massachusetts  Promise  Fellow  to  provide  academic  enrichment  support  to  our  10th and  11th-grade  students  in  Cambridge.  The  Leadership  Fellow  will  lead  weekly  academic  tutoring  and mentoring  nights,  create  a mentoring curriculum, and co-facilitate our  leadership seminar. The Fellow will  work  closely  with  the  Program  Director  and  Program  Manager  to  set  up  field  trips  to  local  businesses, organize speaker panels, and lead weekly discussions  about leadership skills.  

Enroot, Somerville Explore Fellow

Enroot is a community-based nonprofit with a mission to empower immigrant  youth  to  achieve  academic,  career,  and  personal  success  through  inspiring  out-of-school  experiences. Enroot seeks a Massachusetts Promise Fellow to provide academic enrichment support to our most recently arrived  immigrant  youth  in  Somerville  in  Enroot’s  Explore  Cohort.  The  Explore  Fellow  will  lead  weekly  mentoring  nights  and  design  a  mentoring  curriculum  to  support  students  in  their  journey  to  English proficiency  and  building  a  sense  of  belonging  in  their  new  communities.  The  Fellow  will  work  closely  with  Enroot’s  program  manager  and  the  Somerville  Program  Director  to  collaborate  with  teachers,  guidance counselors, and volunteers to ensure students receive appropriate support as they navigate life in their new communities.  

Enroot, Somerville Leadership Fellow

Enroot is a community-based nonprofit with a mission to empower immigrant youth to achieve academic, career, and personal success through inspiring out-of-school experiences. Enroot seeks a Massachusetts Promise Fellow to provide academic enrichment support to our 10th and 11th-grade students in Somerville. The Leadership Fellow will lead weekly academic tutoring and mentoring nights, create a mentoring curriculum, and co-facilitate our leadership seminar. The Fellow will work closely with the Program Director and Program Manager to set up field trips to local businesses, organize speaker panels, and lead weekly discussions  about leadership skills.

Falmouth Volunteers In Public Schools, Inc.

The  Falmouth  Volunteers  In  Public  Schools  program,  in  collaboration  with  Falmouth  Public  Schools  is  seeking  applicants  for a Massachusetts Promise  Fellowship  fellow to help implement  the Pathways Program. The Pathways Program is designed for  students  in  grades  7-12  who  are  at  risk  of  leaving  school  early.  The  Fellow  will  work  as part of a dynamic team  led  by  the  Falmouth  VIPS  executive  director  and  the  district’s  head  of  guidance  to  plan  and  implement  Out  of  School  Time  activities and opportunities focused on career and college exploration that align  with student interests and aptitudes.  

Framingham Public Schools

The Mass Promise Fellow (MPF) will work in coordination with Framingham Public School’s (FPS) Department of Community Resource Development (CRD) to support the implementation of Cameron Middle School’s Resiliency for Life Program (RFL). Founded in 1999, Resiliency for Life is an academic intervention and dropout prevention program within the Framingham Public Schools that serves students who are at high risk of academic failure.

Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School (GCVS)

GCVS’ focus area for the Fellow are the creation and oversight of after school Academic Enrichment programming at the high school. Fellow will help students complete and manage assignments, teach effective study skills, strengthen language skills, prepare for MCAS, and provide recreational activities for students to build positive relationships with the Fellow and school.

Haverhill Public Schools

The Haverhill Public Schools’ Fellow will work with our After  School  program, taking the lead to  support a core group of intentionally recruited middle school students who  have  been  identified  as  underperforming  academically  or  have  other  challenges  impeding  their  education. The Fellow will be responsible for building relationships with this group of students and supporting homework, academic skill-building, providing academic enrichment, physical activity, and  social emotional learning support within the framework of the after school program. 

Health Resources in Action, The LEAH Project

The LEAH Project is a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), college access, and career readiness program for Boston area youth typically underrepresented in STEM fields (low-income youth, youth of color, first generation college youth) with the vision of increasing representation of Black and Latinx individuals in STEM professions. The LEAH Project aims to diversify the STEM workforce by providing youth with paid STEM internships as well as college readiness and workforce development programming that empowers them to pursue education and career opportunities in STEM fields. The Fellow will enhance the LEAH Project’s College Readiness Program (CRP) to increase the college-readiness of high school sophomores and juniors including facilitating workshops, planning college visits, parent engagement  events, and college workshops.

J. Henry Higgins Middle School

The Fellow position will be dedicated to increasing our  students’  access  to  academic  enrichment  which  will  promote  improved  transition to secondary and post-secondary  opportunities. This will include a focus on improving academic and  prosocial engagement at school, attendance, healthy academic and social skills, and supporting students in crafting and making steps  toward  a  personal  vision  based  on  their  interests  and  strengths.  The  position  will  support  our organization  in  continuing  to  develop  our  capacity  to  serve  our  diverse  population  of  students  and participate  in  the  development  of  professionals  who  are  social  justice  educators  with  the  worker competencies necessary to serve our larger community.

La Vida Scholars

The  Massachusetts  Promise  Fellows  will  be  responsible  for  collaborating  with  our  two  full  time program staff in advising our 45 12th grade Scholars, supporting our 45 11th grade Scholars, their 90 families, and engaging our 200+ alumni for events. The Fellows will primarily work together with our staff to guide seniors through the college application process as well as support planning for  college  tours/visits,  develop  and  facilitate  weekly  workshops  for  both  11th  and  12th  grades,  and  participate  in  our  monthly  family  workshops.  La  Vida  will  host  three  Fellows  this  year  with  each  Fellow working with Seniors in addition to another grade level .  

Margarita Muñiz Academy, 10th Grade
Jamaica Plain

The 10th grade Massachusetts Promise Fellow at Margarita Muñiz Academy will serve as the Coordinator and Academic Coach for the after-school support program that will engage with a select group of 20-25 students in 10th grade who need sustained academic support. The after-school program will focus on scholastic engagement, academic skill-building, and tutoring. The Fellow will build relationships, work one-on-one with students, as well as reach out to the parents of the assigned cohort of students. The Fellow will work with a team of teachers to maintain weekly contact with assigned students’ families and track students’ Academic progress throughout the year to create academically rigorous, meaningful, and fun learning experiences for students.


The Marine Science Center at Northeastern University (NUMSC) is home to world-class research labs exploring marine ecology, chemistry, biology and environmental sciences. The NUMSC Outreach Program connects the center’s science with the public through K-12 programs, public events, and online resources. NUMSC has partnered with Girls Inc. of Lynn on the Beach Sisters program for the past decade to provide programs for teen girls in Lynn that explore marine and environmental science concepts, environmental advocacy, and marine STEM career pathways. The Fellow will be a part of the NUMSC and Girls Inc teams and will run the Beach Sisters program, mentoring Beach Sisters program teens, coordinating marine/environmental science after school programs, and leading environmental service learning projects in the community.

SquashBusters, 7th Grade

The SquashBusters Massachusetts Promise Fellows will work alongside other staff to help support the incoming 7th grade cohort. The Fellow is responsible for supporting the academic and personal development of approximately 25-35 middle and high school students on the SquashBusters Boston team through a holistic approach that focuses on building strong relationships with them, their families, and school partners.

St Stephen's Youth Programs, College and Career Support

The  College  and  Career  Support  Coordinator  will  create  and  carry  out  program  activities  to  support  teens,  especially  seniors,  with  their  post-high  school planning.  This  will  include  the  college  application  process,  activities  to  imagine  their  future  career,  and  hands-on experiences to build the skills to make  these plans a reality. The CCSC Fellow will lead SSYP’s Senior Initiative,  acting  as  a  case  manager  who  will  aid  seniors  to  develop  the  academic,  professional,  and  organizational  skills  they  will  need  to  build  full  and  successful  lives.  The  heart  of  this  project  will  be  the academic  and  professional  development  for  a  specific  group  of  40  seniors.  The  CCSC  Fellow  will  also  support college and career focused programming for  middle schoolers and younger high school students.  

The Welcome Project

The Welcome Project (TWP) builds the collective power of immigrants to participate in and shape community decisions through programming for youth and adults that develops leadership skills, builds civic engagement, and strengthens immigrant voices across the city. The Massachusetts Promise Fellow will work to expand and formalize our College and Career Readiness Program. The Fellow will work with 20-25 high school students to provide 1:1 post secondary guidance and lead workshops focused on college planning and career exploration for students and their parents. The Fellow, with support of our staff members, will recruit and facilitate weekly meetings with youth, and strengthen our current program  model.

Town of Stoughton, Prevention Department

The Town of Stoughton is seeking a Massachusetts Promise Fellow to increase academic engagement of local youth by working with high school students through the out-of-school program: Stoughton Leadership Institute (SLI). The goals of the project are: (1) to support a diverse group of high school to achieve their personal academic and career goals, including college preparation; (2) to provide opportunities for high school students to develop leadership skills to enhance social and emotional growth for success post high school; (3) to develop a cohort of 18-25 high school students with strong civic skills to serve as active leaders in the community; (4) to coach high school students to develop and provide multicultural programming at the elementary and middle schools.

Waltham Boys & Girls Club

In  order  to  have  an  even  deeper  impact  on  our  community’s  youth,  The  Waltham  Boys  &  Girls  Club  Massachusetts  Promise  Fellow  will  implement  an educational  enhancement  strategy.  The  chosen  candidate  will  engage  young  people  in  learning,  encourage them to  succeed in school, and help them become lifelong learners.