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Volunteer with us Saturday, April 21st, 2012 for our fourth annual statewide day of service: Opportunity To Serve!

Citywide Earth Day Clean Up, in Worcester
Reclaiming the Dingle, in Holyoke
Yawkey Murals for the Community, in Roxbury
Beach Sister Clean-Up, Lynn

Citywide Earth Day Clean Up
Regional Environmental Council 
Worcester, MA 
Every year the Regional Environmental Council (REC) coordinates our city wide Annual Earth Day Clean Ups in partnership with the City of Worcester Department of Public Works and support from National Grid and other sponsors. REC staff work with community organizations and concerned neighbors to coordinate small clean ups across the city, all of which happen on the morning of April 21st between 8 and 12. Volunteers at the sites receive Earth Day t-shirts, trash bags and gloves, and get a check-in visit from our Street Team with water and snacks to keep them refreshed and energized. The day ends with a community cook out held in the Main South neighborhood where our office is located. Last year over 1,000 volunteers from 65 sites collected 36 tons of trash from Worcester's city streets.  

Reclaiming the Dingle
Peck Full-Service Community School 
Holyoke, MA 
The dingle is a path that connects Peck Full-Service Community School to Holyoke High School. It is also one of the most direct paths between the lower part of Holyoke and the upper part. This path therefore gets a lot of use every day by large amounts of students and families on their way to and from school and work. As a path that is used so much by our community, we think it should be well maintained, respected, and made into a beautiful space. We realize this is our responsibility, and that's why we want to reclaim the dingle. We hope that this day of service will be an opportunity for students and families of Peck and Holyoke High School to come together and share the responsibility of reclaiming this space. With support from our partners and the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship, we see the end result being a path that our community will be proud to walk every day to school or to work. We also see it as an ongoing project and responsibility for students and families.

Yawkey Murals for the Community **Filled**
Yawkey Club of Roxbury 
Roxbury, MA 
The project  will be a collaborative effort between the Yawkey Club of Roxbury Youth and Yawkey's Art Director (Andre Hester). Volunteers will congregate at Yawkey to outline images onto canvases and paint the canvases according to their mutual visions of the desired products. The majority of the service day will be focused on outlining and painting the murals, while a smaller portion can be focused on reflection of the artistic process. The day will conclude with volunteers designating which murals will be given to each of the selected community partners. 

Beach Sister Clean-Up **Filled**
Girls Inc of Lynn
Lynn, MA
The Beach Sister Peer Leaders are a group of teens who are dedicated to educating their peers and younger youth on marine science, environmental issues, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math careers. The Beach Sister Peer Leaders are leading a service project that coincides with Earth Day. Those who participate in the service project will help clean Kings Beach in Lynn. Volunteers will be prepping for the clean-up at Girls Inc.  During this time, they will learn about the impact of garbage on marine-life and the ecosystem. They will then learn safety tips and strategies for a successful beach clean-up. Participants will then walk to the beach (approx. 1 mile) and use gloves, garbage bags, and rakes to conduct the clean-up.

If you have any questions regarding Opportunity To Serve, contact Ashley Dezen


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