Current Fellows

Below is a list of the current fellow positions for the 2016-2017 program. If you're interested in applying to one of these positions, please visit the apply page.

Ashley Gordon

Health Resources in Action

Ashley Gordon joined the LEAH Project, a program of Health Resources in Action, to spearhead the College Readiness Program. The LEAH Project is a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), college readiness, and workforce development program for low-income BPS high school students of color. Ashley works with a cohort of 27 high school students planning college visits, one-on-one meetings, and college workshops to guide the youth through their college process. Additionally, Ashley facilitates weekly youth meetings on topics including professionalism, leadership development, and communication to further the tools and skills for academic and career success of her youth.

Winnie Wang

Boston Public Schools Office of Human Capital

I am the program assistant for the Boston Public Schools High School to Teacher Program, a pipeline program designed to serve students from 10th grade through college graduation to become outstanding urban educators. My primary focus is to engage students in a college and career readiness curriculum through workshops and monthly one-on-one meetings. Additionally, I support the program through coordinating college visits, scheduling team building activities and partnering with local community organizations.

* Coming Soon

City of Worcester-Youth Services Division

This position will work to further develop and manage the recreation Worcester middle school girls’ mentorship program, Intelligent Motivated Powerful Articulate Caring & Courageous Teen girls (i.m.p.a.c.t.).  The mission of i.m.p.a.c.t is to bring young girls together in a supportive environment designed to encourage civic engagement, develop critical thought around social issues, and catalyze self-discovery through social & emotional learning. This position will, also, be responsible for the development of the city of Worcester’s inaugural counselor-in-training program, the goal of which is to develop young people professionally through soft-skills training, experiential learning, and career exploration.

Raffi Pontes

Breakthrough Greater Boston

As a Student Support Coordinator with Breakthrough, I assist with myriad projects related to volunteer management, program development, and direct service. A large part of my role is to connect more volunteers to Breakthrough’s Academic Mentor program –– a one-on-one tutoring program where volunteer mentors work with students to improve study skills in core academic subjects. Additionally, I provide direct academic support to 9th and 10th grade students in Breakthrough’s Study Hall program, as well as help evaluate and enhance current practices and resources for the College Access Program. 

Caitlin Shea-Vantine

Northeastern University Marine Science Center

I coordinate a collaborative program between the Northeastern Marine Science Center and Girls Inc. of Lynn called Beach Sisters. I work with high school Peer Leaders to develop and implement marine biology/environmental science programming for other teens, middle school students and elementary girls on a weekly basis. When I'm not running a STEM program, I enjoy dancing, yoga and running. 

Serina Saunders

Flying Cloud Institute

Gwen Walker

Artists for Humanity

Reporting to the Education Director, the Fellow/Education Coordinator is responsible for supporting Artists For Humanity’s educational/teen benefit goals. With the Mentor being the first line of communication with teen apprentices, the Fellow/Education Coordinator works in direct collaboration with AFH Mentors to achieve program goals. In addition to direct service and preparation for educational programming, the Fellow/Education Coordinator is responsible for reporting on success of all responsibility areas. The Fellow/Education Coordinator works in close collaboration with the Education Director.

Ky'ann Horton

Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health

MassCOSH is a nonprofit, membership coalition that organizes and advocates for safe jobs and healthy communities. Based in Dorchester, MassCOSH focuses on immigrants and people of color in the lowest paid and the most unsafe/unhealthy jobs, and engages them in efforts to improve workplace conditions and civic participation to have a voice in policies that govern these conditions. MassCOSH engages its constituents directly in the process of identifying and developing strategies to promote improvements in their workplaces and communities. The Fellow at MassCOSH will work specifically on the Teens Lead @ Work program, a youth led program in which peer leaders identify environmental hazards and unsafe conditions at work, in school, or in their community and then develop and implement solutions to these issues.

* Coming Soon

Fenway High School

Fenway High School, a small pilot school in the Boston Public School district, is seeking a Mass Promise Fellow to work with Fenway’s Student Government group throughout the 2017-2018 school year, as well as to coordinate and lead small cohorts of students in physical activity throughout the school day. Student Government is comprised of approximately 15 students across all grades who are elected by their peers; one student body president is also elected. The Fellow will meet regularly with Student Government to help enhance student voice on campus and promote leadership skills among its members. With respect to physical activity, the Fellow will coordinate and supervise physical activity sessions twice a week during free block periods for small cohorts of students who otherwise do not have the opportunity to participate in physical activity during or after the school day.

Ashley Pengelly

LEAP for Education

Our LEAP for Education Fellow will be an instrumental position within our organization, primarily responsible for enhancing and supporting the Expanding Horizons Middle School OST program. This individual will help to develop and enhance lesson plans, increase connections between school day teachers, generate partnerships for programming, and work directly with students to build relationships. Additionally, our Fellow will be responsible for continuing to support our mission by embedding college and career information into all our programming. 

Lauren Simao

MGH Center for Community Health Improvement

At Mass General Hospital's Youth Scholars program, I serve twenty-eight 11th graders who visit the hospital once per week to engage in a college readiness curriculum that also includes a heavy focus on STEM engagement. My service includes scheduling and supervising college visits, developing and facilitating workshops to improve students' 21st Century Skills and prepare them for college and careers, and coordinating a 10-week SAT Prep Course. Additionally, in collaboration with many MGH departments, I also schedule workshops, modules, and job shadowships, through which students can explore STEM-related careers.

* Coming Soon

La Vida, Inc.

The Massachusetts Promise Fellow will be responsible for facilitating workshops for our incoming sophomore class of 30 students. The Fellow will work together with the Program Manager to plan college tours, assume individual advising responsbilities with assigned seniors, juniors and sophomores. The Fellow will monitor all La Vida Scholars academic progress and coordinate tutoring sessions with students in need of tutoring. Establishing a school year round tutoring program, that meets various student academic and time needs will be a key responsibility for the Fellow.

Sarah Saydun

Zumix, Inc.

As the Pathways Coordinator at ZUMIX, I work with juniors and seniors in high school to help them make decisions about their college and career paths. I meet with young people on a one-on-one and group basis to make college lists, write common app essays, find scholarships, and generally talk about the future. I also help young people write resumes, prepare for interviews, and find job or internship opportunities. My favorite part about my job is working with the newly launched Teen Council, a leadership group for the youth participants.

Megan Doe

St. Stephen's Youth Programs

The mission of St. Stephen’s Youth Programs (SSYP), located in Boston, MA, is to serve the children and youth of the South End and Lower Roxbury neighborhoods of Boston by providing them with a safe, challenging, and supportive environment in which they can thrive. By doing this we strive to contribute to the health of underserved communities by helping school age young people along the path to successful adulthood. The MPF will support mentoring pairs and career exploration activities which prepare teens to succeed in college and future employment. The Fellow will lead SSYP’s efforts to ensure that all teens, grades 8th-12th and beyond, have access to age and developmentally appropriate activities that create hope and the sorts of experience that help young people imagine a successful future. By visiting college campuses, participating in career events, talking with alumni who are in college and other real-world experiences, teens will have the skills and confidence to succeed in applying for colleges and programs that meet their interests, talents, and abilities. The heart of this project will be the 45 mentoring pairs supported by the MPF; there will also be several other small groups of younger teens and older teens who work closely with the MPF.

* Coming Soon

Waltham Boys & Girls Club

The mission of the Waltham Boys & Girls Club is to inspire and enable all young people especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. To help us fulfill this mission, we are seeking a Mass Promise Fellow to join our team of youth development professionals. The Fellow will coordinate and implement a variety of engaging after-school programs that promote academic success as well social and emotional learning. The Fellow will also act as a liaison between Boys & Girls Club staff and School faculty to ensure students are receiving the support they need in and out of school.

Ashley Harton-Powell

Freedom House

With PUSH High School program, I support students in 10th grade at the Burke High School (and soon at Snowden High School for 9th and 10th grade) with college and career interest and planning and social/emotional support through workshops and one-on-ones. I also help coordinate field trips for our students to colleges, corporations, and businesses of their interest and help them find school year/summer internships.

* Coming Soon

Vietnamese American Initiative for Development

VietAID operates youth programming for 1st through 12th graders: VietAID Scholarly Youth Program (VSPY) serves about 60 1st through 8th grade youth daily in an after school program and about 90 in summer programming; and VietAID Leadership Alliance (VALA), comprised of high school youth who volunteer with VSPY and/or are part of the leadership development program. The Fellow will expand current high school youth initiatives by providing increased opportunities in college and career exploration.

Caroline Hone

MGH Center for Community Health Improvement 10th Grade

I am the program manager for the 10th grade cohort of the MGH Youth Scholars Program, an after-school program for high school students from Boston, Chelsea, and Revere that is designed to get students engaged in STEM topics and interested in careers in healthcare and medicine.  I coordinate our weekly programming, and plan interactive workshops with various hospital departments including anesthesia, radiation oncology, and neurology.  In addition to STEM topics, I facilitate discussions around college readiness and building 21st century skills, including professional development, communication skills, and time management.

Julia Knox

Dana Farber Cancer Institute Office of Workforce Development

Andrew Liedtka

Waltham High School

At Waltham High School, I developed a pilot support system called the Sophomore Strong Program to increase OST opportunities and reconnect off-track students with their school community to help reduce dropout rates. The nexus of our support system is our after-school, for-credit, “Personal & Social Identity” and, “Personal and Professional Development” courses that focus on social-emotional, CCR, and social justice competencies while helping students regain elective credit in order keep pace with their grade-level peers. In order to facilitate better relationships with students and provide leadership opportunities, I also serve with a small cohort of highly-engaged, “Youth Facilitators” that volunteer with the program or operate student clubs designed to offer students deeper connections to their interests, their peers, and additional spaces for planning community service-learning projects.

Nicole Eduwensuyi

Breakthrough Greater Boston

Nicole joined Breakthrough Greater Boston in August 2016 through the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship with AmeriCorps. As the student support coordinator, she supports the Breakthrough team in their school year and summer programming such as study hall, academic mentor program and the after school program.Also, she facilitates STEM based workshops to Breakthrough students at Neighborhood House Charter School.

Bella Vidana

St. Stephen's Youth Programs

At St. Stephen’s Youth Programs, I serve as the Junior Counselor In-Training (JCIT) Program Coordinator, which supports our 9th grade students. Every week, I focus our programming on leadership development, peer mentoring, civic engagement and self-expression. I have made it my commitment to provide our ninth graders with a compassion-filled, engaging and social justice driven environment that encourage them to continue moving towards their goals throughout and after high school. 

Joey Nguyen

Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.

Established in 2011, the Youth ServiceCorps’ (YSC) mission aligns with QARI’s mission to “foster and improve the social, cultural, economic and civic lives of Asian Americans” with a focus on Asian high school youth in Quincy, Braintree and surrounding communities. The Fellow will work closely with the 10 to 12 Youth Board members and up to 20 Youth Representatives, developing and implementing a curriculum of service learning projects to make a strong, significant, and lasting impact on the community and over 300 YSC members. These youth will plan, coordinate, and execute a series of small community service projects around Greater Boston, as well as some larger community projects, including a year-end celebration, a career day, and fundraising events. The Fellow will be serving a consistent group of 22 to 36 youth, for 35 hours a week, with approximately 20 of those hours being direct time with youth. The Fellow will lead the development and implementation of a college access curriculum.

Julio Gomes

Cape Verdean Association

Nedsen Bien-Aime

Charlestown High School

The Massachusetts Promise Fellow at Charlestown High School will serve as an Academic Coah for a select group of 20 students in 9th and 10th grade who need sustained academic support. The Fellow will build relationships and work one-on-one with students during the school day, and then coordinate after-school programming focused around scholastic engagement, academic skill-building, and tutoring. The Fellow will work with a team of teachers, maintain weekly contact with these students’ families, and track students’ academic progress throughout the school year – with the ultimate goal of creating academically rigorous, meaningful, and fun learning experiences for students. 

* Coming Soon

Asian Community Development Corporation

AsianCDC’s youth leadership program, A-VOYCE, creates a pipeline of high school-aged Asian American youth who have the vision and tools to shape the physical landscape of their neighborhoods. As a part of A-VOYCE’s strategic growth as a multi-year involvement program, A-VOYCE will build out a second-tier curriculum for returning 2nd-3rd year youth, with a focus on community project execution and college/career readiness.The Fellow will be responsible for building out ACDC’s college and career readiness program in 4 ways:1. Create a marketable skills curricula for a second-tier program that equips 15-20 returning youth 2. Support returning youth in applying and practicing marketable skills by executing community projects  3. Pilot a match savings initiative for a cohort of 5-10 Juniors in the second-tier program 4. Build out existing college access initiatives including “SOUL College Readiness Retreat” and college tours/panels

Arthur Newbould

MGH Center for Community Health Improvement STEM

Erin Ginnaty-Moore

East End House

The East End House 2017-18 AmeriCorps Massachusetts Promise Fellow (MPF) will serve in the Middle School After School Program (MSP), which is located off site at the Putnam Avenue Upper School.  S/he will focus on volunteer recruitment, training and management for Power Hour, the portion of the program during which students complete homework and/or engage in other academic activities.  S/he will leverage volunteer contributions to increase student focus and motivation, and improve student academic outcomes.  S/he will also serve as a liaison to teachers and develop a system for collecting and organizing daily homework assignments, monitoring student progress, and working collaboratively with volunteer tutors, teachers, and families to help students set and reach academic goals.  The MPF will also participate, along with other group leaders, in developing curricula and facilitating enrichment workshops for the second part of the daily program. 

Emma Chavenson


Thi Tran

"e" Inc.

I am serving at “e” inc. – the environment science learning and action center as an Environmental Educator! My teen program is at the Cleveland Community Center with a core group of 9 teenagers. We focus on a different environmental issue every month and come up with an action project that we think responds best to that issue within our means and in concert of being engaged community members. I also organize field trips to promote team bonding and is usually in line with our focus topic for the month.

* Coming Soon

Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers

The EMK Massachusetts Promise Fellow will serve as the Coordinator of the Afterschool Support Program at our Fenwood Campus, leading the process for recruitment, monitoring and retention of EMK student participants and external volunteers, and assuring effective communication between volunteers, EMK staff members, and families.  The EMK Afterschool Support Program engages EMK teachers as well as undergraduate and graduate students from Northeastern University and the Colleges of the Fenway to support the academic achievement of EMK students across the curriculum.  The program provides afterschool tutoring in all academic disciplines, support and mentoring for science fair participation, and preparation for the required MCAS tests.  In addition, by engaging near-peers in the academic support process, the program provides opportunity for mentoring and role modeling to help EMK students envision their pathway to college.  While the program is open to all EMK students, the model focuses most intensively on sustained participation of a cohort of 25 students in grades 9 and 10 who are identified by teachers and school leaders.

Alison Kronstadt

Hernandez After School Program

The Fellow’s main project area while at the HASP consists of developing and facilitating an academic/leadership enrichment program for a small group of 15 6-8th grade students a couple days a week during after school hours, while additionally supporting local college and community volunteers working with students during homework time.  Additional project areas include recruiting volunteers, leading educational field trips around Boston, writing a newsletter to families, offering general program support to grades K1-8 and participating in restorative justice circles.  Due to the nature of being a small non-profit, there are a lot of additional professional development and leadership opportunities that may arise during your time.  Finally, as a two-way bilingual school, know that everyone here is learning at least one language and being part of multicultural community is a big part of who we are at the Hernández.      

Beth Gillig

Stoughton Youth Commission

I oversee and facilitate the Stoughton Leadership Institute (SLI) for Stoughton High School students. My primary focus is providing skill-based workshops, one-on-one college and career advising, and community service opportunities to help SLI members succeed in high school and beyond. I take a strengths-based approach to youth empowerment and leadership development, and my main goal for SLI is to support students so they can achieve their college/career goals while also becoming local leaders in their community. 

Ashley Testa

Old Colony YMCA

I am the coordinator of  Kidz Konnect, an anti-violence prevention program for Brockton youth, to enhance leadership skills, professional development, community outreach, and academic growth, as well as providing 1-on-1 case management with them and planning out curriculum for mentoring between Kidz Konnect members and younger youth in a community. I also help with Big Sister Big Brother mentor recruitment support and their annual Spring campaign.

* Coming Soon

Hyde Square Task Force

The Academic Enrichment Fellow will oversee and deepen Hyde Square Task Force’s Academic Enrichment Program, which supports youths’ growth through academic tutoring and college and careers skill building workshops. The fellow will track youth academic data for 135 participants ages 8-18 over the course of our 2017-2018 program year to assess academic progress and needs. The Fellow will then design and implement intensive academic interventions for a Focus List of 20 HSTF youth ages 14-18, including coordinating tutor/youth matches, conducting regular academic check-ins with youth, and planning and facilitating additional supports or activities in collaboration with other HSTF program staff. Altogether, the Academic Enrichment Program will provide these 20 HSTF participants a combined 200 hours of dosage over the course of the program year.

Jocelyn Proietti

West End House

The Mass Promise Fellow will provide critical support to the West End House Academic Success team, offering comprehensive, strength-based academic interventions and engaging out-of-school-time programming to youth who reside in some of Boston’s most underserved neighborhoods. The Mass Promise Fellow will strengthen partnerships with the administration and staff of local schools, ensuring a long-term community commitment to our young people’s academic success. The Mass Promise Fellow will develop and implement innovative, high-impact curricula that empower youth to develop critical thinking skills, deepen positive peer-to-peer relationships, and cultivate personal and academic growth, positioning young people for success through high school graduation and college completion. The Mass Promise Fellow will draw upon personal academic interests and expertise to establish programming that leaves a lasting impact of youth on-time grade progression, high school graduation, school attendance, test scores, and personal development.

* Coming Soon


The Fellow serving with BUILD on academic enrichment would take the lead, in partnership with our program team, to recruit and lead a staff of volunteer tutors to support academic progress for students in grades 10-12. This Fellow would work directly with 15-20 students from two of our partner high schools in the Boston Public School system for over 200 hours over the course of the year (approximately 80% of the service hours), and would get to know the students and their particular needs. With support from our team, the Fellow coordinates learning opportunities that help students to discover their passions and interests. We believe the best way to bolster academic engagement is through authentic relationships and exposure to potential passions and interests that keep students focused on future goals. For the remaining 20% of the time, the Fellow will be working on family outreach and engagement by planning and executing events or communication efforts.

William Adams

Tutoring Plus of Cambridge

Tutoring Plus is a local nonprofit that has served the youth of the Port neighborhood with free tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programs since 1964. The Middle School Program Fellow will serve as Site Manager for tutoring and mentoring programs for 18-25 middle school (6-8th grade) students throughout the academic year (October-June). In this role, the Fellow will facilitate social-emotional learning activities and support student-volunteer matches during tutoring sessions. The Fellow will support all middle school programs and seek to strengthen our engagement with middle school youth.

* Coming Soon

Metrowest College Planning Center

The college and career advisor position works collaboratively with all members of the MetroWest College Planning Center team to coordinate and deliver high impact advising near peer mentoring and programming for College Planning Center onsite and in the MetroWest community.  The advisor is responsible for producing the highest level of quality inclusive advising possible for high school communities and community members.  This role will carry out intake process at Waltham High School college and career success advising office hours and at the CPC walk in hours. In addition the advisor carries out all Waltham readiness seminars and college and career success events, career clinics and college visits. The advisor creates a roadmap for each advisee and trains the advisee on how to move step by step through the roadmap which outlines their plan for the future.  The adviser maintains coaching notes and files on each advisee and collects data about their movement forward or barriers they need to overcome.  This advisor coordinates, schedules and attends all career clinics and college visits for the high school they serve.  This position also checks in weekly with supervisor and other advisors on the advisor team to ensure persistence and completion of goals to ensure successful measurable outcomes.

Yingge Wang

Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.

The Fellow will coordinate all aspects of the U&I Mentoring program, maintaining and refining the major curriculum changes made during the 2014-2015 school year. This would include working directly with 50 to 60 youth approximately 50 hours per month. Other duties will include program coordination, curriculum development and activity planning, and one-on-one leadership development with mentors. The Fellow will also support the pilot of program expansion to other middle schools in Quincy in Jan. 2018.

Hanh Lam

Regional Environmental Council

The Garden Education Fellow will work directly and consistently with members of YouthGROW, an urban agriculture and youth employment program that serves 34 low-income teens ages 14 through high school graduation. The Fellow will be responsible for all academic engagement programming, particularly college access, for members of the YouthGROW program. The Fellow will also be responsible for supporting a network of 25 educational gardens in our school gardens network to ensure school gardens are integrated into the curriculum. The Fellow will assimilate these two projects by continuing and enhancing program elements that allow current YouthGROWers to support gardens at their schools, train youth to deliver in-class educational workshops on gardening, and create a sense of student ownership and expertise over gardens in Worcester.

Fillette Lovaincy

Girls Inc. of Lynn

At Girls Inc. of Lynn, I am the coordinator for College Access and Mentoring. I run two college readiness and support programs for high school juniors and seniors that meet weekly. My aim with these programs is to increase college access and readiness for the teens and providing them with the information, resources, tools and mentorship from myself and volunteer mentors to succeed through out the college process and beyond. Covering various topics and points of interest such as college related terminology, college applications, essays, scholarships, FAFSA, and campus life and community and much more. Overall, providing the students with the best tools and resources to make the best decisions for their post high school plans.

* Coming Soon

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Reporting to the Director of Youth Education, the Fellow serves as the College Access Coordinator and oversees the College Access Program (CAP) at BCNC Quincy. The Coordinator will work with primarily high school sophomores and juniors. The Coordinator is responsible for program development and design, evaluation, outreach and recruitment, and student advising. The Coordinator is BCNC’s primary liaison with parents and support staff and faculty from area schools, regarding college access. In addition to these primary responsibilities, the Coordinator will work within BCNC Youth Center to provide office and program support where needed.

Georgia Lederman

Enroot Education

Georgia Lederman joined the Enroot team in August as the Massachusetts Promise Fellow. Georgia recruits, supports and trains 150+ volunteers, assists the program team in curriculum development and implementation, develops, designs and facilitates postsecondary planning workshops for juniors and seniors, and case manages 40 students' relationships with volunteers. Georgia comes to Enroot after interning as Administrative Assistant and Peer Mentor at the International Rescue Committee in New York.  Originally from Northampton, MA., Georgia graduated from Oberlin College in 2016 with a BA in French and a concentration in Education. Her interests include cooking, games, running outside, and playing music. 

Youy Ou


BUILD is an innovative four-year Entrepreneurship and College Access Program that motivates students to re-engage with academics. The Fellow will work on a College “Accelerator” Project consisting of three areas: 1) college application case management for seniors, 2) planning three full-day “accelerator” for juniors at all our sites focused on identity exploration and personal goal setting, 3) implementing social or cultural engagement activities. Since our students will be first-generation college students, our work is not only focused on guiding students through the application process, but also building strong peer and mentor relationships through that process—relationships that will provide support throughout our students’ future college experiences.

Kimberly Valenzuela

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MA/Metrowest

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, I coordinate the college and career readiness program. Getting the student prepared to go to high school and teaching them the different routes they can take after high school. We also connect the middle school students to mentor from Framingham State and Massbay community college. The matches meet once a week for one hour a week. They focus are improving their self – esteem, peer relations, social skills, and academics.

Rachel Collman

Boston Public Health Commission: Start Strong

As the fellow at Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships Initiative, I support our teen peer leaders as they teach teen dating violence prevention and healthy relationship promotion workshops for their middle and high school-aged peers. Through workshops, one-on-one meetings, and sharing of resources, I work with teens to help them achieve their post high school goals and further their social-emotional learning. After my service I hope to continue working with young people, using a youth development approach to facilitate their growth, leadership, and learning, specifically around healthy relationships, sex education, and public health issues. 

Eli Fishbein

Greater Fall River Re-Creation

The Greater Fall River Re-Creation Committee, Inc. provides year-round recreational, educational, and cultural programs for Fall River residents with a particular emphasis on socioeconomically disadvantaged youth. The Fellow’s primary responsibility will be to work with RE-CREATION’S Outreach program. This program identifies 20-30 high-risk out-of-school youth in Fall River that have any type of gang affiliation and/or gang activity. The Fellow will provide opportunities for youth to participate in service-learning projects as well as implement a program that provides maximum educational tools for the youth to stay engaged and succeed in school.

Lennie Naughton

Tierney Learning Center

The Tierney-Boys & Girls Club After School Program is a Community program in the South Boston neighborhood, operating out of the Joseph Tierney Learning Center (TLC) and directly affiliated with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.  The 2017-2018 program year will be the third year of operation for this after school program and the third year as host site for a Massachusetts Promise Fellow.  The Fellow will be the main source of contact for youth ages 11-14 in the after school program.  They will be responsible for creating and implementing S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math) programming and homework assistance opportunities for youth in Out-of-School Time (OST).  The Fellow will also be responsible for working with existing partners and procuring new partnerships with agencies in and around Boston to bring experiential learning to the site and/or take members on field trips.  The Fellow will be expected to be a stable presence at the TLC, working directly with youth during the after school program (four hours per day) and occasionally outside of those hours for special events, programs, trips, etc.  The remaining hours in the day will be spent planning programs, meeting with supervisor and staff, building and maintaining relationships with families and schools, fulfilling essential MPF duties (time sheets, program reports, collecting data, etc.), professional development, and assisting with general responsibilities within the TLC.  

Ashley Belizaire

Youth Enrichment Services

The Mass Promise Fellow at YES will sustain and expand YES’s College Preparation Program. The Fellow will serve 9th-12th grade students with college and career workshops, college tours and one-on-one advising. The fellow will cover topics including study skills, academic and extracurricular planning, college application, financial aid planning, and transitioning from high school to college. The role encompasses direct service, capacity building and curriculum development.